About Us

Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone or M-WEZ is a development of an existing 25,000 acres of coastal reclamation along the 33km coastline. Our history as a maritime hub and a busy trading centre goes back a long way. The deep, sheltered harbour on the narrow channel which took our name, the Straits of Melaka, positioned us at the crossroads of one of the busiest sea lanes in the world.

M-WEZ is a tourism, commercial lifestyle-based, adapting Smart City and Fourth Industrial Revolution concept, Marine Logistic Hub and provide cultural centre of modern lifestyle. With this initiative, it brings hope, prosperity, jobs and well-being to local economy as well as the Straits users.

M-WEZ aim to develop as an iconic economic corridor that serves to drive sustainable economic development through our strategic efforts by transforming Melaka as a world-class tourism and investor destination.


YAB Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Bin Yusof

Chief Minister of Melaka

Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Bin Yusof is the Chairman of M-WEZ and plays an integral part in leading the organisation’s tactical path and ongoing processes, leading the organization to build a growing portfolio.

Promoted Economic Sector

International Resort | IInternational Marina Jetty | ICultural & Heritage Tourism | IM-WEZ Malaysia Iconic Tower | IRiver Cruises | IGastronomic Destinations

Investment & Logistic

International Ports | Cruise Terminal | Shipping Service | Logistics & Cargo Hub | Water Taxi | M-WEZ Iconic Bridge
IInternational Investment Destinations | Residential Investment | Commercial Investment | Industrial Investment | Land Investment


Trade Duty Free Zone | Shopping centre | Wholesale Center Trade | Commercial Hub

Industry 4.0

Smartphone Technology & Applications | Smart Manufacturing | 3D Printing | RFID Technology | Machinery & Robotics. | Database

Health / Medical

Health / Medical Training | International Hospital | International Research Center | Medical Industry | Health / Medical Program | Health Tourism